Awesome AKLD

Making it easier for visitors to Auckland to do more and see more.


Every year, people from all over the country flood towards Auckland, but sometimes miss out on what else there is to do because they’re unaware of it. All that was about to change.

Our goal was to have visitors do more, see more, stay longer and positively share their Auckland experience with others, thanks to a simple mobile recommendation system based on context and proximity, to provide immediate answers to the question, “What should we do next?” We called it Awesome AKLD.

Our strategy was to promote the Auckland Supersprint race weekend at Pukekohe as the main drawcard, then use the mobile site to promote the many other attractions: events, clubs, shows, thrills, spills, culinary experiences etc.

There were multiple phases to build momentum.

Phase 1 was all about planning. Three weeks prior to race weekend we targeted specific groups most likely to attend the event, encouraging them to buy tickets and organize friends and family for an awesome weekend.

Phase 2 was the week of the racing and it was all about discovery - with key messages revealing awesome experiences during the weekend and how to unlock great deals all over Auckland.

The focus of Phase 3 was extending their stay into a post-race weekend of epic excitement and experiences that were close by.


We knew our audience would be found via their mobile phones, so in the testing stage of the campaign we were able to refine our targeting, so that our content and suggestions for entertainment would hit them at the perfect time, right when they were thinking, ‘What shall we do next?’. It was immediate and it was personal.


We mapped our agreed needs and content into screens, and linked screens together to form flows. From flows we created wireframes with an in-house designer and turned these into an interactive prototype. We then took this prototype to our audience to test the flow and clarity, and explore different ways to deliver key parts of the experience.

Based on this feedback, we validated the best approaches and refined the visuals in order to go back to our audience again and ensure the design was bang on.

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